Marubeni Itochu Steel Office
Marubeni Itochu Steel Office: Elegance Unveiled
Marubeni Itochu Steel Office
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Marubeni Itochu Steel Office

Scope of work: Build

Photos credit: APES


Although not involved in the design process, APES holds profound admiration for Marubeni Itochu Steel's visionary design.

Symbolic Integration: 

Marubeni Itochu Steel's emblem, a bird reflecting the brilliance of molten iron, symbolizes the vitality brought to the iron and steel industry. Aligned with this symbolism, the office design seamlessly incorporates these values. The predominant color palette of orange and white, complemented by black and gray furniture, epitomizes this integration. The reception desk, resembling monolithic iron ore, stands amidst a minimally adorned space, emphasizing the logo on the wall.

Japanese Sophistication: 

Carpeting envelops the entire office, each functional area boasting a distinct pattern, showcasing the sophistication of Japanese design. Wall paint hues serve as markers between different functional zones, each meticulously tailored to fulfill specific purposes. Potted plants scattered throughout add a touch of greenery.


Meeting Rooms: A Sound Investment

An opulent primary conference space, featuring expansive dimensions, is designed to host a maximum capacity of 24 individuals. The standout feature of this room is the elevated ceiling system, incorporating a stretch ceiling sourced from the renowned company, Barrisol. Complementing the ambience is a strategically integrated downlight system, contributing to the 

The remaining three meeting rooms, strategically placed in different corners, leverage natural light. Diverse furniture styles and seating arrangements enhance functionality, fostering varied atmospheres to boost inspiration and productivity.

Director's Room: Elegance in Simplicity

The director's room exudes elegance and class, featuring wood-paneled walls, natural wood cabinets, tables, and a black sofa set. A long glass panel accommodates regular discussions, aligning with working habits.


Efficient Workspaces:  

There are 2 separate working area with same setups: white tables and mobile cabinets, black chairs, promoting a cohesive aesthetic.

Chillout: Attention to Complete Relaxation 

Adjacent to the working area, the Chillout Zone facilitates spontaneous discussions. A U-shaped sofa system encircles a miniature tree landscape, with an orange wall panel serving as a spatial separator and emotional catalyst.

Freezone: Creative Efficiency 

Another creative working area was built by taking advantage of open space, with two high-to-ceiling filing cabinets at both ends, and a low cabinet system with ornamental plants. This arrangement not only ensures aesthetics and creativity, but also ensures optimal functionality and reduces sound impact, because the opposite is the meeting room. The special feature here is the application of compactor cabinets – which can be moved and ensure absolutely security.

Pantry Area: as cozy as your home kitchen 

All comfortable and complete kitchen utensils are arranged in a small space. To optimize space, the walls and doors are made of glass, making the space more airy. The overall feeling is like a small kitchen of a young and modern family.


Marubeni Itochu Steel's office design, executed under APES's construction oversight, stands as an elegant embodiment of symbolism, Japanese sophistication, strategic collaboration spaces, and efficient workspaces. The careful integration of these elements results in a workspace that not only embodies the company's ethos but also fosters productivity and well-being among its occupants.