Experience from A to Z in office interior design and build.

After choosing to rent the right office floor, meeting the needs, before moving to the new office address, the enterprise needs to design and complete interior construction before it can officially move to This new office space. This is a process that requires a lot of effort and time for the person in charge. Please refer to the experience of design and full office construction supervision below.

Notes to complete the office "on schedule".

1. Have a detailed plan
A specific plan is always the premise that the next work can be completed quickly and easily controlled.

2. Develop a specific budget
The biggest mistake for businesses when moving or renting a new office is building a common budget, not specifying each item. In fact, the more detail we do the better. Specifically, from large items to sub-categories, then balance your budget among those items.

For example, when building a budget, in addition to budgeting for office rental or furniture, we need to have costs for administrative tasks such as reworking, reprinting. publications, expenses for transferring machines and equipment from old offices to ... and most importantly, do not forget about expenses incurred by contingencies for these.

3. There is enough time to prepare
"Time is gold" this sentence is even more true for businesses in this era. Therefore, before businesses prepare for a new home, they also need to prepare for themselves time to do this. Our advice is:

The timing of the office move is also quite important. Businesses should not move offices at the end of the year, which is the peak season for offices.

The timing of the office move is also quite important. Businesses should not move offices at the end of the year, which is the peak season for offices. At this time, the price of office may decrease, but the price of interior construction often increases by 5-15% more than in the middle of the year, not to mention the disturbance of the staff, affecting the work and the final completion goal year of business.

Some "notes" to remember before taking over office design.

Orienting style when designing and constructing office work
During the design and construction of office space, the inconsistency in the style of each area is easy to happen. This can hurt your business image. To limit this situation, before designing the construction of the office, the investor needs to define and orient the main style clearly. All the next steps just follow this main style, which will help the office space always ensure consistency and consistency.

Designing and executing office furniture should divide scientific space
Each business is made up of many different departments. Each of these departments has different business characteristics and needs different working conditions. Therefore, when designing the office, businesses need to pay attention to divide the location of each space for each department in a scientific and appropriate way to create the most professional and comfortable environment for all personnel.

The working area should be properly divided, Always focus on the function when arranging the space in the process of designing and constructing office furniture

In addition, you also need to frankly discuss with the design unit about the development direction, business vision in the next 3-5 years to avoid as much as possible structural changes or human resources impact on the design. Renting a new office is very expensive.