APES Year End Party 2023: Stay tuned for the moment lasts forever
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APES Year End Party 2023: Stay tuned for the moment lasts forever

The APES Year-End celebration stands out as a delightful occasion for every team member and our esteemed partners. This valuable event allows us to rejoice in APES accomplishments and significant milestones achieved throughout a year of challenge. It also serves as a moment for each individual to reflect on their individual performances, acknowledging both successes and areas for improvement, with the aim of refining and evolving for a better version, individually and APES collectively, in the coming year 2024.




2023 is a pivotal year for APES. We have focused on reforming the human resources apparatus, expanding scale, and applying technology to the work management process. Especially the change in brand identity, switching from black to red tones. All of this action is like a momentum step, to strongly accelerate towards a prosperous future, by 2024.






During the party, we held hands and went through many emotions. From being satisfied with reminiscing past moments, having fun with humorous memories, being moved by the team’s efforts during difficult stages of the project, nervously listening to the upcoming common goal, and was filled with enthusiasm and determination to do it.





After this fiery party, in addition to the Lunar New Year holiday, the entire APES team will be full of energy for large-scale projects in 2024.