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7 years in the Vietnamese market,
7 years of bittersweet,
7 years of joy, anger, love and sorrow,
The 7 years of APES were filled with the most brilliant colors of youth with lots of aspirations and ambitions.

On the other hand, not every road is filled with roses. Over the past 7 years, APES has faced a large number of difficulties and challenges. At that time, the greatest responsibility always falls on the shoulders of the “captains” steering the APES boat. Let’s listen to the their feelings when looking back on the 7-year journey!

1. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung – General Director


“To me, APES is a family, here we have a united team and a common vision. Where I am present every day, together with my brothers, we work hard to build and develop, pursuing the dream of “Contributing to improving the quality of working space in Vietnam”.

When setting up a new office with 3 employees, at that time I simply thought of finding work related to design, projects to implement and a monthly sustainable source of income. Then fate came, with effort and luck, APES became more and more known in the field of Design & Build Workplace. More projects come, more staff increase, but the luckiest thing is that we are always united and maintain our enthusiasm, belief, and common pride in the work we are doing. Gradually, we realized our work had a certain influence on many users. We understand that the vision and goals of a business must be bigger and more distant. That is contributing to improving the quality of working space in Vietnam, thereby improving the quality of work and bringing value to our customers.”

2. Mr. Nguyen Ly Hai – Deputy General Director


“For me, coming to APES was like fate when I had just stopped working at my old company. Stepping into APES at an early stage, after 7 years of association, I couldn’t help but feel moved and proud to be able to contribute a certain important part with my two close brothers, Tung and Trung. Our journey of meeting and companionship is perhaps most truly expressed through the quote “Meeting each other is fate, going together is effort”. At APES, I have devoted all my enthusiasm and responsibility to stick with the design and construction of office interiors according to the direction the company has established. Hopefully in the future, APES will gradually complete the new goals been set out. I personally always look forward to bringing the company to a new level, taking steady steps towards a prosperous future.”

3. Mr. Khuong Trung – Sales & Marketing Director


“If I were to take an image to represent APES, I would think of a train.

The time I joined APES was in April 2018, it was like a train that had just left the station. A new train, lacking in materials and experience, with only 7 crew members and a few customers traveling with us. Just like that, we move forward with a strong belief that we will succeed.

In front of us there are many turns, and every turn has many hardships and challenges ahead. It can be said that in the late 2018 – first half of 2019, APES was still struggling to find a right direction. We try our best in providing services for housing (apartments, villas), shops, stores (spas, cafes), and offices. Around mid-2019, we decided to choose a path to focus on providing services is the office and workspace segment in Vietnam. From there, the train started rolling on a new track, with a new turn.

The route that the APES train went through many train platforms. There are always people getting on and off the train. We are the brothers who have stuck with us, the customers we have welcomed before and have now come down and found new paths for themselves. We always appreciate the people who have accompanied and contributed to making APES what it is today.

Of course, when leaving the first station and rolling on a long journey, problems and failures are inevitable. There were times when APES’s business faced many difficulties, with no customers, no projects, and extremely limited cash flow, causing us to have many questions and doubts about our teammates, doubting our abilities, doubting the path we have chosen. But most of all, that train is still running, still moving forward.

The more projects and large customers we experience, the more we realize that success comes from building trust with customers and teammates. That trust doesn’t have to be flashy but simply comes from sincerity.

Up to this point, perhaps for me, APES is a place where I have witnessed many of my own emotions, a bit of youthful extravagance or sudden panic when I don’t know what to do to attract customers. There are days when looking at the ceiling is filled with emptiness, but there are also moments of joy and glory when winning a bid or when a project is completed on time.

These are the moments of being drunk, singing songs with brothers, comrades … and somewhere else is the pain, desire of the present and belief in an even more successful future.

The road ahead is still long and filled with many difficulties and challenges, but I believe that APES people are enthusiastic, ambitious, and have big dreams to be determined to build APES stronger and become a better leading company in the field of Design and Build.

For us, those driving the APES ship, we always have to innovate, upgrade our expertise, improve the quality of personnel and services to be able to serve big customers and high-quality projects.”

4. Mrs. Ho Thanh Mai – Director of APES HCM branch


“My APES is a never-ending journey and always ready to face new challenges. APES gives me many opportunities, especially to develop my own abilities. If I have to talk about one of the choices that makes me feel most proud, it is definitely becoming a part of APES in general and APES Saigon in particular. I appreciate the chances, experiences and support I have had, allowing me to stay strong in the face of unexpected and decisive events. And most importantly, APES gives me a large extended family stretching from North to South, both a solid spiritual support and a “safe zone” for me to sympathize with the pressures and share the difficulties. Hopefully in 2024 and beyond, APES will grow stronger and always maintain its position as the leading office design and construction unit in Vietnam.”