5 Architecture Websites You Can’t Miss
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5 Architecture Websites You Can’t Miss

In the digital age, the internet has become a rich and diverse source of information about architecture. From the monumental designs of famous architectural works, to new trends and technologies in this industry – all can be found on architecture websites. However, with the vast amount of information available online, architecture lovers cannot simply browse through any website. To maximize search and discovery, this article will introduce must-see architecture websites that provide the latest information, ideas and trends about this industry.
From websites specializing in architecture, to reputable global information portals – this article will help readers navigate reliable online addresses to learn and update about architecture. These websites are not only a source of creative inspiration, but also places for architects, designers and people interested in this field to refer and learn. Let’s explore interesting “views” of architecture on these unique websites.
1. ArchDaily


(Credit: ArchDaily Homepage)

Dubbed “the world’s largest architecture magazine”, ArchDaily provides the latest articles, projects, technologies and trends in the architecture industry. The content is diverse, from typical architectural works to profound analyzes of architectural design and theory. The website offers a rich treasure of content, updates on new trends, in-depth articles, and profound analysis, but the interface can be a bit simple and lacking in interactivity.
2. Dezeen


(Credit: Dezeen Homepage)

Dezeen is a highly reputable website in the world of architecture and design. This place focuses on innovations, new ideas and impressive architectural works around the world. Besides, Dezeen also has a section on products, interiors and design trends. Although not as deeply analyzed as ArchDaily, the modern, user-friendly interface design and diverse content on architecture, design, and technology make a deep and strong impression on users.
3. Archinect


(Credit: Archinect Homepage)

Archinect is an online community for architects and architecture students. In addition to sharing projects and news, Archinect also provides useful tools and resources such as exchange forums, career opportunities, etc. Users are provided with useful tools, resources as well as information. Latest news about exciting discussion forums in the community. On the other hand, the website interface has a classic feel, the content focuses more on career than design.
4. Architectural Digest


(Credit: Architectural Digest Homepage)

Architectural Digest is a reputable architecture and interiors magazine, the magazine’s website also contains a lot of quality content about design, architecture and lifestyle. The limitation lies in updating trends, but Architectural Digest is still the perfect choice if you want to find an architectural website with credibility and high quality of information.
5. Domus


(Credit: Domus Homepage)

Domus is an architecture, design and art magazine originating from Italy, famous for its in-depth analysis and unique perspectives on contemporary architectural trends and works. The website scores points with many unique perspectives, in-depth analysis of architecture and new trends. The only drawback of Domus is that the language is mostly Italian, reducing user friendliness.
Each website has its own strengths, the combination of these information sources will bring a comprehensive perspective on the architecture industry. They all provide extremely valuable information, ideas and inspiration for architects, designers as well as those who love this field.

By regularly visiting and referencing these websites, readers can not only improve their knowledge, but also feel the continuous development of this industry around the world, including Vietnam. Then inspiration from new works, ideas and trends is no longer a barrier for architecture enthusiasts.

Therefore, always update and thoroughly research the architectural websites mentioned in this article. They are not only an invaluable source of reference, but also a gateway for you to discover amazing things in the field of architecture – the art of creating living spaces.
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